Mary Stasini

Greek Apparel Designer & Creator

   Mary Stasini inspires and redefines the uniqueness of every human being by designing and manufacturing luxury art street apparel and leather bags.

   Her inspiration and designs have been characterized as High End Fashion by several Fashion People and magazines.

The Brand Mary Stasini was born in Athens in 2011 when Mary opened her first craftstore. Knitting, crocheting, weaving, patchwork and teaching were her daily occupations.

She grew up in a house full of needles, pins, threads and fabrics since her grandfather was a successful tailor of that time.

She studies at first, Food Technology and has a successful career to this field , but very soon she discovers that she has a natural talent in designing and manufacturing apparel and leather bags.

She studies the Art of Clothes Making and Fashion Design to Athens.

She presents her first apparel collection in Modtissimo 54 Porto Fashion Week at Portugal and in 26th Athens Xclusive Designers Week made out of Denim using over 2,000 little piecies of fabric for 5 garments under patchwork craftmanship desings.

She loves beauty and uniqueness, color and arts. But most of all she loves Nature and the Human Being, since she is also a Master Teacher Usui Reiki and she has study Spiritual Response Therapy.

In MARY STASINI, we believe that we are all connected with a Thread to Spirit, Mother Earth GAIA and between us.

We choose to manufacture dream clothes, to promote Arts & Culture through an innovating design and handdyed/handmade fabrics under the Eternal Light of Greece.

Light and Color are everything to us. Colors give us unconditional Therapy and Love. We are the Color we choose to wear. We radiate our personality, needs, wils, emotions and thoughts through the colors of our looks. 

In this world of material abundance we need to redefine our overall attitude.

If we choose the best for us, the garment which aims to our Spiritual and Emotional UPLIFT... then we fly up to the sky.

This is exactly what we do, We help people to make the best choise through the knowledge we provide.

We give value to every person needs a garment made from us and we spend a lot of days to satisfy this person.

We want every person who wears our clothes to fill this energy, this love and to be complete and beautiful as wearing it.

We use natural raw materials best quality like cotton and recycled cotton, silk, wool and recycled wool, mohair, feathers, cashmere, types of leather such as cow, sheep and goat. We also use Semiprecious Stones. We hand dye most of our fabrics.

We use several techniques to reduce fabric waste like patchwork and upcycling.

We do care about the sustainability of Fashion and in this way we can protect our environment and life.

We stand up for Human Rights we want to provide desirable jobs and fair wages.

Our collections manufactured in Greece.

We choose partners that share the same values with us.

We care about the standard of living for all of us because with low standards there is no beauty.

As you see we think of a great value what we present to this world.

Everything matters, from the greatest to the smallest, from the Thread to the Garment...

and as Mary says... THREAD MATTERS...