Due to the delicate proccessing of the fabrics used, to ensure your MARY STASINI unique Jacket, bag or scarf stays in perfect condition, we advise that you read carefully MARY STASINI's guide on Care Instructions and recommended procedures.

Washing Instructions


outwear 100% Cotton

linning 100% acetate and 100% cotton

All of the handdyed denim garments are unique due to their processing. 

For this reason the same code garments can differ slightly in shade and color tone between them.

All of our handdyed fabrics have been wash out with Synthrapol for excess dye.

First washes, wash the garment alone just to prevent any excess dye. 

Wash by hand or into laundry with cold water - 40 deggres of Celcius. 

Spin 400-800 rpm.

We recoment fabric softener and liquid detergent or syntrapol.

Rince very well.

Use light iron for the inside, hot iron for the outside.

Do not bleach.

You can use dry clean.

Do not hang to direct light.

Do not tumble dry.

If your garment is decorated with stones, feathers etc. or embroidery, we recoment hand wash only.


All of our weaved scarfs are washed before you purchase. 

Before wash fold the fabric and wash it folded, do not rub the fabric, be gentle to it.

Wash in cold water by hand only.

Use a 3-4 drops of liquid detergent.

Do not soak or bleach.

Rince and let it dry horizontally.

Do not twist.

Do not hang to direct light.

Do not use tumble dry.

Do not iron.


All of our leather accessories are made of real genuine leather.

Use wet cotton cloth to fresh them if necessary.

For any futher advice please contact at info@marystasini.com