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Hand dyed denim 100% cotton.


Orange Sunset color contains orange and red.

It is the color of the Sunset in a clear sky.

Orange is the color of the 2nd Chakra, the emotional Chakra, our Inner Child.

Red is the color of the root Chakra.

Orange and Red combine the Coral Energy. This is the energy of the 1 1/2 Chakra.

The new way to walk in life and this is our own path with our own characteristics.

 It brings combination of the being aspects, the heredity and the new incoming characteristics of the new human being.

Wearing such a color You walk your own path which brings liberation from heredity and a new better life.

Order a Custom Color Garment.

Write to us which color tone you wish. Dark , Medium or Light.

The fabrics are not for sale. They support only Custom Color garment. Write your choise to comment section in your order.

Read Custom Color Garment or Contact us.


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100% Denim Cotton

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