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Hand dyed denim 100% cotton.


Yellow color is the color of the Sun.

With out the Sun, there is no Life to planet Earth.

Yellow is happiness and the funny side of life, warmth and sunshine.

It is the Color of Divine nature, the Glory of God.

Emperors of China usually were dressed with Yellow.

It represents the 3rd Chakra, the Solar Plexus, the Sun of our Personality.

It opens the door of inner Wisdom and inner Knowledge.

A Yellow Person has a great talent to manage, organize and combines talents with wisdom. Usualy possesses authority.

Wearing such a color Your Personality Radiates maintain a clear direction to knowledge. Knowing is the most valuable possession.

To know makes you an Emperor.

Order a Custom Color Garment.

Write to us which color tone you wish. Dark , Medium or Light.

The fabrics are not for sale. They support only Custom Color garment. Write your choise to comment section in your order.

Read Custom Color Garment or Contact us.


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100% Denim Cotton

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