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Original denim 100% cotton.


Indigo color is original color of DENIM, since the fabric makers used indifera tinctoria flowers to dye denim with this deep blue purple color.

The color variations of the jeans (garments made out of denim fabric) that are exhist to the market come the bleaching or other discolor processes of original denim, which comes in very deep shade almost black.

Indigo is the color of the 6th Chakra. The Third Eye. That is why when we close our eyes and concetrate to the point between our eyebrown the first color that we see is deep intigo, like the dark of the night.

It is a quiet color, keeping us calm while we are searching through the endless possibilities of the deep chaotic space.

Wearing such a color You embrace integrity and sincerity. You develop deep awareness. Increase of intuition.

Order a Custom Color Garment.

Write to us which color tone you wish. Dark , Medium or Light.

The fabrics are not for sale. They support only Custom Color garment. Write your choise to comment section in your order.

Read Custom Color Garment or Contact us.


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100% Denim Cotton

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